Corporate Profile

Ball HealthCare Services, Inc.

One Southern Way

Mobile , AL 36619

Phone 251-433-9801

Fax 251-433-9807

Provider of Long-Term Care for our Communities
Since 1983 Clarence M. Ball, Jr. has owned and serves as President/CEO of Ball HealthCare Services, Inc. (BHS), which has grown to ten (10) skilled nursing facilities operating in the state of Alabama. This health care provider is privately held and bases its corporate headquarters in Mobile, Alabama and one regional office in Tuskegee, Alabama. Ball Healthcare facilities service ten (10) Alabama markets. In addition to the (10) nursing facilities, Ball HealthCare Operates Hi-Tech Medical Services, Inc., a medical supply company, and Nursing Home Physician Services, a physician services company, to complement its skilled nursing services.
All of the Ball HealthCare facilities are staffed with licensed professionals who provide many specialized services including skilled nursing, physical, speech and occupational therapies, specialty diets, behavior management programs, restorative nursing and interactive activities for its residents. With over 900 nursing home beds, BHS is committed to the mission of providing quality skilled care to the elderly and disabled, and ensuring them a life of dignity.

Services are delivered by a dedicated, caring, motivated and professional work force of approximately 1,250 employees. Staff members benefit from in-house programs and scholarships to technical, undergraduate and graduate level colleges to enhance professional development.

In addition to providing top-notch nursing and professional care, BHS facilities provide a safe, secure and attractive homelike environment for its residents to convalesce while maintaining self-worth and extended quality of life. Prompt and attentive services have become a trademark.  
Ball HealthCare facilities have consistently been in the forefront of the industry and strive to comply with the many complex state and federal regulations impacting the nursing home industry. In this regard, Ball HealthCare has maintained an excellent relationship with regulatory and social agencies. BHS remains committed to servicing the healthcare needs of Alabama elderly. Through sound financial management and maintaining a high quality and well-trained work force the company expects to continue its growth development of health care services.  
Mission Statement
Our mission focuses on promoting and improving the lives of those we serve through Caring, Compassion and Integrity, while striving continually to improve Quality and Dependability, that assures the hightest standard of living and provides a lifestyle of Comfort, Security, Recreation, Physical, Mental and Spiritual well being. 

  Management Team
Name   Title   EMail  
Mr. Clarence Ball, Jr.  President and Chief Executive Officer   
Mr. John D. Schutt  Vice President, Finance & Development   
Ms. Althea McMillian  Controller   
Mrs. Yvonne Schutt  Accounts Receivable Supervisor